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As the USA offers affordable public healthcare to all residents, there is often no pressing reason for people to buy private health insurance for themselves and their families. In fact, only some 10.5% of the population, just under 4 million people, opted for private medical insurance.
The main benefit of making use of the private health sector in the USA is not necessarily the quality of treatment, but rather avoiding the potentially long waiting times and, depending on the region you live in, the limited availability of specialists who accept patients.

Choosing Your Coverage: Available Policy Types
Depending on the level of coverage, your age, pre-existing conditions, and certain lifestyle choices, for example whether or not you are a smoker, monthly expenses for private health insurance start from around 20.50  Obviously, the more you spend, the more your insurance will cover, be it costs incurred from treatments, consultations, diagnoses, or medication.

Services Health is dedicated to providing corporate healthcare services to organisations across the USA

We care for your organisations by assessing, improving and maintaining the health of your employees. Providing employees with advice, treatment and support, enabling them to maintain positive working relationships, whilst supporting cooperation, collaboration and maintaining high performance in the workplace.

The Price Is High If You’re Not Insured
You are, of course, always free to see a private doctor or visit a private hospital without coverage. In some cases, particularly when the Health service does not pay for a certain type of treatment or medication, you might not have an alternative to using the private sector. The same is true for all procedures that are not necessary from medical viewpoint but serve cosmetic purposes.

Our Health Assessments give you adequate time to discuss and explore all of your health and lifestyle related concerns.

Each Health Assessment includes quality time with a specialist health assessment nurse and doctor to discuss how you may enhance your lifestyle, and of course, with our health assessment you receive the peace of mind of getting a better understanding of your health.

Health Assessments

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